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2015 Monthly Calendar

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Roger Chartier: -

This is a free calendar to download and print out

I like free things. Of course you have to have aprinter to use and the paper and ink but that is so cheap so the calendar is free your printing costs just a little.

Those who use this calendar haev a lot of room to write in the day boxes for things that they don't want to forget to do or places that are important to go to.

Doctors appointments, school days off and birthdays etc are all fun to write into the dates.

This is a fun thing to use

And to give to your family and friends. - Share the link to this page and you are giving something to someone for free!

There are monthly pages sized at 8 x 11 1/2".

The calendar has rather large boxes for each day.

Download and printout the 2015 calendar itself.

Other than the cover page which has a nice photo from very high up in New England ( aplace named after a President) the pages are simple and offer space for your own info.

Check on the holidays - interesting. Here are the 2012 and 2013 calendars.